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Tassel Loafer

Tassel Loafer

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Product Description

This is a TASSEL LOAFER with an ethnic vibe with handmade tassel details.

Made from selected soft and flexible Italian cowhide leather, these shoes have a feminine last shape unique to HOWUS and a material with a glossy sheen, maximizing the antique yet retro mood.
The wavy coffin detail on the front is handcrafted one by one, creating a vintage yet comfortable mood with the natural irregularities that only the handmade method can provide.
The inner midsole is once again finished with the same leather as the outer leather to add quality, and overall cushioning has been added to relieve the fatigue of middle heel loafers to enhance a comfortable fit.

Experience the special mood presented by TASSEL LOAFER’s tassel details.

Size Measurement

220-260 / 34-42 / US 5-9

235 SIZE

LENGTH 25.4CM (Sephy 8mm)
VOLUME (foot width) 16.5CM
INSTEP (instep) 19CM
HEEL 1.8CM (including Sepi)

[Information on deviations by size]
Ball of foot, instep ±3.5mm
Total length 5mm

176CM, 31-24.5-35, 255

* Detailed sizes are based on cross-section (CM), and there may be errors depending on the measurement method.
* There may be slight differences depending on the shrinkage rate of the fabric for each color.

Fabric & Care



- Please refer to the detail cut for the actual product color.

- Differences in color and texture depending on monitor resolution do not constitute a reason for defect.

- There may be subjective individual differences due to differences in the feel of the material, fit, etc., so this is not recognized as a defect.

- Due to the nature of the yarn, there may be various types of miscellaneous yarns and clumps of yarn.

- Dyed fabrics (leather, suede, denim) may cause color transfer and discoloration, so we recommend wearing them after dry cleaning. Please be careful of friction with brightly colored materials.

- Please refer to the detail cut for the actual product color.

- Due to the nature of natural leather, there may be slight scratches, stretch marks, wrinkles, spots, pores, tendons, etc., but these do not constitute defects.

- There may be slight differences in color and brightness of each part due to the characteristics of natural leather, but this does not constitute a reason for defect.

- All SHOES products are 1:1 made-to-order products and cannot be canceled/changed/exchanged/refunded after ordering, and the production period is 10-12 days.

Shipping & Return


- The courier company uses CJ Logistics.

- Free shipping for purchases over 70,000 won (additional shipping fees apply to Jeju and mountainous islands).

- All products will be shipped sequentially within 2-3 business days.

- Custom-made products and pre-delivery products take approximately 2 weeks. For pre-order orders, please refer to the expected delivery date notice for each product.


- Exchanges/returns can be made through Q&A bulletin board consultation or phone consultation within 48 hours after receiving the product.

- Please submit a return request directly through CJ Logistics. (Prepaid shipping when using another courier service)

- The product must be collected within 7 days after receiving the consultation, and if there are no problems with the product through inspection, an exchange/refund will be processed based on the consultation details.

- If the packaging is damaged or shows signs of wear, exchange/return is not possible.

- If the exchange/return is not made through consultation, it will be considered as an unconfirmed product and will be returned without notification.

- In the case of custom-made products, exchanges and refunds are not possible due to the 1:1 nature of the product being produced based on the order quantity.


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