Information on transfer of personal information collection location (2024.03)

hello. It's HOWUS.

We would like to thank our customers for visiting HOWUS.
On March 4, 2024, HOWUS' service provider will change from Cafe24 Co., Ltd. to the overseas Shopify International Ltd.

We would like to inform you that all rights and obligations related to your personal information and service use will be transferred and inherited to an overseas organization of Shopify International Ltd. as of the relevant date.

The collection location of your personal information will be transferred so that you can continue to use the service in the same manner as before without any inconvenience. However, viewing and storage of your personal information will only be used at Horwath's headquarters within the scope of previous consent.
When you log in with your existing email address, you will receive an email linking your new login.
Please note that you can use the site normally after creating a new password.
Please check below for details.
thank you

[Personal Information Transfer Agency]

1. Corporate name: Shopify International Ltd.

2. Contact:

3. Address: Data Protection Officer
c/o Intertrust Ireland
2nd Floor 1-2 Victoria Buildings
Haddington Road
Dublin 4, D04 XN32

4. Personal information handling information:

[Purpose of using personal information]

Continued service provision following transfer of HOWUS website hosting service

[Personal information items provided]

ID, name, contact information, email, address, registration date and time, service use record, points, SMS/email reception consent information

[Personal information retention and use period]

Period of use: Until service use contract termination (membership withdrawal)
(However, if storage is necessary in accordance with the personal information handling policy and related laws, the member information may be stored.)

[Information on withdrawal of consent to collection and use of personal information]

If you do not wish to transfer your personal information, you can cancel your membership through the Channel Talk customer center on the Horwath official website or by email. Please note that when you cancel your membership, all Horwath account and transaction information will be deleted and recovery is not possible.

[Membership withdrawal method]

You can request membership withdrawal through Channel Talk or email. In order to delete your account, you must provide the account information (mobile phone number) you signed up with when requesting it.

- Channel Talk: (click the bottom right button)
- Email request: